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Commercial Roof Installation

in Pittsburgh, Butler & Wexford, PA

Flat roofs are more affordable during the initial installation process since less material is being used, making them a popular roofing choice especially for large commercial buildings.

Flat roofs have only a minor incline. Traditional pitched roofs create sloped walls, decreasing the amount of usable space inside. With a flat roof, you can maximize the interior space on the top floor of your building or create room for a rooftop deck or patio.

There are many benefits to choosing a flat roof. Flat roofs require fewer materials than other styles of roof, which makes them more affordable. They are also more accessible for gutter cleaning, repairs, installing solar panels, etc. While they typically have shorter lifespans, flat roofs are easier and quicker to install than traditional pitched roofs, which makes them the top choice for building owners. Contact our team today to speak with an experienced commercial roofing contractor!