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Roof Coatings

in Pittsburgh, Butler & Wexford, PA

Harsh weather can seriously damage a roof over time. When repairs aren’t quite enough, you have a few options to consider. Roof tear-off and replacement is effective, but expensive. Roof coatings are an inexpensive alternative that will renew and extend the life of your roof. Our professionals have years of experience installing silicone roof coatings.

If your roof starts leaking in multiple places, repairs are only a temporary fix. A roof coating is a better solution because it covers the entire surface, eliminates leaks immediately, and helps prevent them for years to come.

White roof coatings are highly reflective surfaces. By dramatically reducing the temperature of your roof, you will spend less money cooling down your property, which translates to lower electric bills every month. Plus, you’re helping the environment by reducing your energy consumption.

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