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How To Repair Granular Loss On A Roof

Posted on September 12, 2022

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How To Repair Granular Loss On A Roof

Installing the best roof shingles is not enough, and it is important that you properly maintain your roof as well. Regular maintenance is the key to making your new roof last longer, and improve its ability to protect your home against severe weather conditions.

Asphalt shingle roofs are one of the most popular roofing materials available. If you are also one of the homeowners who have asphalt shingles roofing system on your home, then you should know about a few things. First, like all the other materials, a new roof made of asphalt shingles has a lifespan. It can last for 20-25 years before you need to replace your roof. Second, as they age, they tend to develop many problems. Today we will talk about one such problem with an asphalt shingle roof, i.e., granular loss on roof.

What Are Granules? Why Do Asphalt Shingles Have Them?

Granules are what give shingles their distinctive look. They’re composed of tiny pieces of sand, minerals, and crushed stone mixed into the asphalt used to build the roof. These granules hold a significant place in asphalt shingle composition. These mineral granules are used to provide the shingles with a pronounced color.

Many homeowners think that shingle granules are only used to provide the color or the right texture to your shingles. However, their purpose is much more than that. Granules in shingles are small pieces of rock that are used to help make the shingles more durable and resistant. They’re added to the shingle mix when it’s being made, and they’re part of what makes the shingles so solid and durable.

What Is Granular Loss On Your Roof?

Have you seen some small particles filling up your gutters systems? If yes, then this could mean you have granular loss on your roof. It is a term roofers use to describe the loss of granules from a shingle’s surface. This means that the roof is covered in granules that are falling off and the shingles may need to be replaced. This can signify a serious problem with your roof, and it’s essential to fix it before the problem becomes worse.

granular loss on roof

Causes Of Granular Loss

Granular loss is a problem that needs immediate attention. They affect not only the aesthetics of your roof but the roof’s structure as well. In the following section, we list some of the major reasons why shingles suffer from this problem.

Your Roof Is Worn Out

Granular loss on your roof is a sign of its aging, and it can happen to any roof. As discussed earlier, roofs have a lifespan where they will be able to perform optimally. In the case of shingles, the granules usually become loose after about 15-20 years. Depending on the quality of the roofing material, some can last even longer. The older your roof, the more likely it will experience significant granule loss. If you have an older roof, you should consider replacing it before the granular loss starts to occur. This can help prevent major problems down the road.

Wind/Hail Storms

If your roof is not adequately designed to withstand harsh weather conditions such as wind or hail storms, it will eventually show signs of wear and tear. For example, if you have a roof made out of asphalt shingles and there’s heavy wind in your area, the shingles may get damaged and suffer granule loss.

Poor Quality Roof Installation

One of the most common causes of shingle granule loss is improper installation. If your roof has been improperly installed, then it will be more likely to experience granule loss than a properly installed roof.

It’s not uncommon for roofing contractors to leave loose granules on your roof. If your roof is brand new or has just had replacement shingles installed, this is likely the case. However, suppose you’ve already noticed granules coming off of your roof. In this case, there are a few things that could be causing it, such as the contractors who installed your shingles may not have been qualified enough to do the job efficiently and effectively. This is why you need to hire the best roofing contractors in Pittsburgh to install your asphalt shingle roof.

Defect In The Roof Shingles

If your roof is new and you’re already having problems with granule loss, it’s likely that you bought cheap shingles. Cheap shingles may not have been well-made, or they may have been improperly stored before they were installed. The materials used in making your shingles were not up to quality standards, or they may have been damaged during delivery.

Sunlight Exposure

Asphalt shingles can be damaged by ultraviolet light, heat, and water. The asphalt used to make the shingles is made of petroleum products which can break down under ultraviolet light, creating a sticky residue on the surface of your roof. This makes the asphalt expand and contract depending on whether it’s sunny or rainy outside, causing cracks that let moisture get into your house.

Can You Repair Granular Loss On Roof?

Usually, shingle granule loss is a common problem that is faced by almost every homeowner at some point. However, the quantity of the loss is a thing you need to look for. If the granule loss is large enough and you see bald spots on shingles then it is time to worry. Bald spots on shingles will make them weak and signal that you need to replace them.

However, you should not perform repairs or replacements on your own. Walking on the roof can increase the granular loss. Also, the risk of falling and hurting yourself is always a possibility. This is why you need to call a professional roofing company before things go out of hand.

Did You Recently Find Granules In Your Gutters? Let Us Help You!

When it comes to the health of your roof, mineral granule loss is a serious matter. You should take action immediately if you’re constantly seeing signs of granular loss on your shingles. Make sure to call a professional roofer who can inspect your roof and recommend repairs or replacements if necessary.

At Hepler Contracting LLC, we have a team of experienced professionals that have been providing the best roofing services in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas for years. Our team uses only high quality roofing materials made by leading manufacturers.

If you notice granule loss or any other problem with your roof, and you want to get the finest roof repair and replacement services, contact us now at (412) 694-8785. Our team takes pride in their work, and we look forward to helping you.

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