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A roof inspection is essential for home maintenance if you own a house in the greater Pittsburgh area. Roof inspections can help you identify and resolve any damage to your roof, preventing further damage to your home and avoiding expensive repairs down the line. There are several reasons why you may want to get a roof inspection. A common reason is to prepare for selling your home. A roof inspection can demonstrate that your roof is in good condition. If there are issues, allow you to repair them before putting your home on the market.

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Things That We Cover In A Roof Inspection

We Provide An In-Depth Roof Inspection

A roof inspection is a comprehensive look at your roof's condition, and it can catch problems that are easy to fix before they turn into large-scale issues. Roof inspections are also a great way to evaluate the overall state of your home's roofing system. Our roof inspectors will take the time to carefully inspect all areas of your roofing system, such as roof flashing, gutters, chimneys, downspouts, roof ridge, and attic.

We will also check for any weather damage or issues with shingle granules or sealants on asphalt shingle roofs. We will also look for water damage and evidence of wood rot on wood shake roofs.

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Benefits Of Regular Roof Inspection

Save Money On Expensive Repairs

A roof inspection helps in the early detection of hidden leaks. Leaks can cause damage to your home's structure and contents. Avoid costly repairs down the road by catching those issues before they become major problems. Regular roof inspections allow you to identify problems before they become serious and costly.

  • Helps Find Shoddy Workmanship
  • Helps To Identify Hidden Problems
  • Helps Save Future Costs
  • Peace Of Mind

Why Should You Choose Hepler Contracting LLC If You Need A Roof Inspection?

First, we've been in business since 2012 and are fully insured and certified. Our trained members handle all situations professionally, from the smallest to the largest jobs.

Second, we're committed to helping you protect your home and family by doing thorough work that won't cut corners. We'll finish the job right the first time, every time. And third, we want you to feel taken care of—so we'll be there promptly when you call us and finish your job thoroughly.

  • GAF Certified Roofing Company
  • In Business Since 2012
  • 10-Year Roof Installation Warranty
  • 5.0 Stars On Google Reviews
  • Unmatched Experience
  • 50 Year Residential Warranty
  • 20 Year Commercial Warranty

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