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The Top 8 VELUX Skylights and Why They’re A Worthy Investment

Posted on May 26, 2023

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The Top 8 VELUX Skylights and Why They’re A Worthy Investment

When it comes to your property, it’s essential to make wise investments that guarantee long-lasting performance and prevent any unexpected issues with your skylights and roof. As an expert in roofing, I understand the importance of avoiding costly repairs caused by outdated and weak skylights.

So, let me introduce you to the best skylights on the market. VELUXⓇ is a remarkable and trusted manufacturer that has been revolutionizing the skylight industry from the very beginning. VELUX skylights consistently exceed industry standards. They offer a diverse range of models in various sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for different types of homes and buildings.

In this blog post, I’ll discuss the innovative technology and unique benefits of the best residential and commercial skylights designed by VELUX, and offer tips on selecting the perfect model for your needs.

Let’s explore the best skylight models in the industry!

Top 8 VELUX Skylights for Homes and Commercial Buildings

Skylights can transform your space, save you a lot of money and increase the value of your property. These top VELUX models are selected by our team after carefully evaluating their ratings, reviews, and performance.

#1 VELUX No Leak Solar-Powered “Fresh Air” Skylights

VELUX No Leak Solar-Powered skylight
Image Source:

These innovative, energy-efficient skylights provide an excellent solution for those seeking a combination of fresh air and natural light. The VELUX No Leak Solar Powered “Fresh Air” Skylights are designed to promote a healthy indoor environment by generating airflow, which helps vent cooking odors, smoke, and excess moisture.

  • The Fresh Air skylights have a solar-powered operation, which eliminates the need for wiring and reduces the energy costs of your home.
  • The models come with an integrated rain sensor that automatically closes the skylight when it detects rain.
  • There are three patented layers of weather protection on the skylights to prevent leaks.
  • VELUX Fresh Air skylights are eligible for a 30% federal tax credit for both the product and installation.
  • You can get a 10-year product and installation warranty with this VELUX solar skylight.

#2 VELUX Fixed Flat Roof Skylights

For those who want to brighten their space without needing ventilation, the VELUX fixed skylight is an excellent choice. These skylights provide an uninterrupted source of natural light, making them perfect for rooms where ventilation is not a concern, such as bedrooms and living areas. 

  • The skylights come with the company’s NeatⓇ glass, which is their top-rated glass and is considered to be the safest glass to live under.
  • These fixed skylights can reduce outside noise by 25% to 50% more than double-paned glass and plastic skylights.
  • Available in 12 sizes, these skylights can help you receive a 30% federal tax credit when you use factory-installed solar blinds.

#3 VELUX Sun Tunnel® 

A VELUX Sun Tunnel skylight is a dome skylight designed to bring natural light into smaller spaces where traditional skylights may not be an option. Using highly reflective tunnels, they capture sunlight on the roof and direct it to the room below, making them perfect for hallways, closets, and small rooms.

  • The installation of this skylight is easier and more cost-effective than its competitors’ products.
  • The VELUX dome skylight is available in various sizes and styles, including rigid and flexible tunnels.
  • It can be equipped with a VELUX Solar Night Light with solar panels for continued illumination during the night.
  • You get a daylight controller to adjust the amount of light that enters the space.
  • These skylights are also eligible for a 30% federal tax credit when installed with a solar-powered night light.

#4 VELUX Modular Skylights for Buildings

VELUX Modular Skylights for Buildings
Image Source:

Ideal for commercial buildings, VELUX modular skylights are a versatile and energy-efficient solution for larger spaces. These skylights can be customized to suit your building’s design, providing a visually stunning and practical light source.

  • The skylights have customizable design options, including various glazing and frame colors.
  • You can also choose from a wide range of prefabricated modules for fast and efficient installation.
  • VELUX modular skylights come with highly energy-efficient glass, offering excellent thermal performance beneficial for large spaces.
  • This VELUX skylight can be installed with VELUX ACTIVE for automated ventilation and temperature control.

#5 VELUX Center-Pivot Roof Windows

This skylight model offers an ideal solution for attics, lofts, and other spaces where a full-sized skylight might not be suitable. VELUX center-pivot roof windows provide smooth operation even with a bed or table below it. These skylights are perfect for taking a peek outside while you’re working, or tucked in your bed.

  • These roof windows are available in various sizes and styles, best fit for low installation, offering a wider and more comfortable viewing experience.
  • The skylight models come with an advanced top control bar for quick and easy ventilation.
  • This VELUX roof window is available in plenty of shades to fit your preference and desired color scheme.


Image Source:

The VELUX CABRIO Balcony is an innovative solution for those who want to add an extended balcony space while enjoying the benefits of closed and open skylights. This unique system transforms a roof window into a small balcony in seconds, providing a stunning addition to any home.

  • It’s a stunning, cost-effective balcony conversion with a simple push of the window frame.
  • This VELUX skylight has energy-efficient glass with a 10-year product and installation warranty.
  • A VELUX CABRIO system is compatible with VELUX blinds for added light control.

#7 VELUX Smoke Vent Skylights for Buildings

VELUX smoke vent skylights are designed to help ventilate smoke and heat from a building in the event of a fire. The technology used in VELUX smoke vent skylights is based on the principle of natural convection. When smoke and heat rise, they create a pressure difference that causes the skylight to open. This allows the smoke and heat to escape, which can help to prevent the spread of fire and protect people inside a home or commercial building.

  • The opening in this skylight is larger than standard models, allowing quick and efficient removal of smoke and heat.
  • VELUX smoke vent skylights open automatically in the event of a fire. 
  • The whole skylight is made from a fire-resistant material that limits the spread of fire.

#8 VELUX Architectural Series

VELUX Architectural Series
ImageImage Source:

The Architectural Skylights series by VELUX provides customizable skylights that offer a luxurious and dramatic look. The models feature lightweight, metal-framed skylights that come in a variety of configurations, glazing options, shapes, and colors.

  • The VELUX Architectural Skylight series is an award-winning skylight range that can help any home or business owner create customized designs for indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • To create a unique look, you can choose from various geometric designs.

You can also explore the VELUX skylight catalog on their website to explore more products and details. But before you make a purchase, you should know about the factors that can affect the performance, cost, and usage of your skylight.

Choosing the Right VELUX Skylight for Your Space

There are certain factors that home and business owners should take into account before purchasing a skylight in order to find the right one for their needs. 

The Purpose of The Skylight

Consider the primary goal of installing a skylight. Is it to provide natural light, ventilation, or both? This will help you determine whether a fixed, vented, or sun tunnel skylight is the best choice.

Location of The Skylight

The room’s intended use and the skylight’s placement will play a significant role in your decision. For example, bedrooms may benefit from fixed skylights, while kitchens and bathrooms would benefit from models that provide ventilation.

The Size of Your Space

Measure the space where the skylight will be installed to determine the appropriate size for your needs. Consult with a VELUX-certified skylight installer to ensure accurate measurements and proper installation.

Go Solar with VELUX

Choose a skylight with energy-efficient glass and features, such as solar-powered operation or VELUX ACTIVE automation, to reduce energy costs and improve your home’s overall efficiency. Embracing VELUX’s Go Solar initiative can help you obtain a 30% federal tax credit on solar products and installation.

Explore Customization Options

Consider the various customization options available, such as glazing, frame colors, and automated blinds, to ensure your skylight complements your room’s design and makes your space more beautiful and comfortable.

By considering these factors and consulting with a VELUX-certified skylight installer, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying the many benefits of natural light and fresh air in your space.

If you are looking for VELUX skylights in Pennsylvania, my team at Hepler Contracting can help you get started.

Free Consultation and Estimate on Skylight Installation

For years, Hepler Contracting has been installing world-class skylights in homes and buildings across Pennsylvania. If you want to explore more options or need a reliable skylight installation service in Pittsburgh, or the surrounding areas in Pennsylvania, you can trust our skilled and friendly experts. We’re here to make your space shine with the elegance and functionality of stunning, cost-effective skylights. Call us at (412) 694-8785 for a free consultation and estimate on your skylight installation cost. Our team will be happy to help upgrade your home or building with the utmost care and attention.

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