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Why Metal Roofs are a Great Choice for Pittsburgh Homes

Posted on December 6, 2023

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Why Metal Roofs are a Great Choice for Pittsburgh Homes

Are you tired of constantly repairing your roof due to harsh weather conditions in Pittsburgh? Look no further, because metal roofs may be the solution you’ve been searching for. With their durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal, metal roofs have become a popular choice for homeowners. Say goodbye to frequent repairs and hello to worry-free protection for your home.

Advantages of Metal Roofs

If you’re considering a new roof for your Pittsburgh home, a metal roofing system may be an option worth considering. With its numerous benefits, metal roofs have been gaining popularity in the roofing industry. In this section, we will discuss the advantages of choosing a metal roof for your home, including its long lifespan and energy efficiency. Additionally, the fire resistance of metal roofing systems make it a practical and sustainable option for homeowners.

1. Durability and Longevity

  • High quality metal roofing materials, such as steel, aluminum, or copper, are extremely durable and resistant to severe weather. 
  • Metal roofs can last 40 to 70 years, which is much longer than traditional asphalt shingle roofs.
  • Metal can withstand impacts from hail and falling debris without sustaining damage.

2. Energy Efficiency

  • Reflective Surface: Metal roofs are energy efficient because they reflect heat instead of absorbing it. This keeps homes cool and lowers energy costs. 
  • Ventilation: Proper ventilation is essential in maintaining energy-efficient temperature levels and preventing heat buildup.
  • Solar Panels: Consider integrating solar panels to harness renewable energy and further enhance energy efficiency.

3. Fire Resistance

  • Metal roofs are non-combustible, making them a great choice for protecting against fires, especially in wildfire-prone areas.

4. Fast Installation

  • Metal roofs often come in large panels, covering more surface area than a standard asphalt shingle would. 
  • A larger coverage area and light weight material means that it can be installed more quickly than other roofing materials. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Metal Roof

When it comes to roofing options, metal roofs have been gaining popularity among homeowners in Pittsburgh. Next, we will discuss the different factors to keep in mind when choosing a metal roof, including climate conditions, aesthetics, costs, and maintenance requirements. By understanding these key considerations, you can make an informed decision on whether a metal roof is the right choice for your Pittsburgh home.

1. Climate and Weather

It’s crucial to consider Pittsburgh’s weather before choosing a metal roof. 

  • Assess climate and weather patterns to determine their impact on the roof’s material and performance.
  • Consider factors such as temperature fluctuations, precipitation levels, wind speeds, and humidity when selecting a suitable metal roof.
  • In warmer climates or areas with less shade, it is recommended to opt for lighter colored metal roofs to reflect more sunlight and reduce cooling costs.

2. Aesthetics and Style

When it comes to metal roofs, the importance of aesthetics and style cannot be overlooked. There are various types of metal roofs available, including standing seam, metal shingles, corrugated metal, and metal tiles, each offering unique aesthetic options.

Homeowners can select from a wide range of colors, textures, and profiles to complement their architectural style and personal taste, ultimately elevating the appearance of their homes.

3. Cost and Budget

Generally, metal roofs are more expensive than other roofing materials. Here are some tips for planning your budget: 

  1. Evaluate the initial costs, including materials and installation, to determine the overall budget for the project.
  2. Take into consideration potential long term savings on energy bills and maintenance expenses when making a budget for the project.
  3. Compare the costs of different types of metal roofs.
  4. Factor in any additional expenses for insulation, underlayment, and any necessary structural modifications.

4. Maintenance Requirements

Just like all roofs, metal roofs require ongoing maintenance to stay in good condition.

  • Regular Inspections: Schedule annual inspections to assess the roof’s condition and identify any maintenance needs.
  • Clean Gutters: Clear debris from gutters and downspouts to prevent water accumulation and potential damage.
  • Address Rust: Promptly treat any signs of rust or corrosion to prevent it from spreading and maintain the roof’s integrity.
  • Trim Overhanging Branches: Prevent damage to the roof’s surface by trimming tree branches.
  • Professional Maintenance: Engage professional roofing services for thorough maintenance and repairs when needed.

By considering these factors, you can decide if a metal roof is the right choice for your home.

Final Thoughts

Overall, installing a metal roof is a smart choice for Pittsburgh homeowners. Between their durability, aesthetic appeal, and resistance to harsh weather, it’s clear that metal roofs are a great option. If you’re thinking about installing a metal roof in Pittsburgh, we are here to help. 

Metal Roof Installation in Pittsburgh, PA

If you’re considering a new roof and are interested in discussing the advantages of metal roofs with a trusted roofing contractor, Hepler Contracting can help. Give us a call to walk through the advantages, costs, and process of installing a metal roof for your home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes metal roofs a great choice for Pittsburgh homes?

Metal roofs are a great choice for Pittsburgh homes because they are incredibly durable, long lasting, and can withstand extreme weather conditions that are common in the area. They also have a modern and stylish appearance that can enhance the overall look of your home.

Are metal roofs more expensive than traditional roofing materials?

While the initial cost of metal roofs may be higher compared to traditional materials, they are actually more cost effective in the long run. Metal roofs require less maintenance and have a longer lifespan, meaning you will save money on repairs and replacements in the future.

Do metal roofs make a lot of noise during rain or hail?

No, metal roofs do not make more noise than traditional roofs during rain or hail. In fact, with proper installation and insulation, they can be just as quiet or even quieter than other roofing materials.

Are metal roofs environmentally friendly?

Yes, metal roofs are environmentally friendly. They are made from recycled materials and are 100% recyclable at the end of their lifespan. They also help to reduce energy consumption and lower carbon emissions by providing better insulation for your home.

Can metal roofs withstand the heavy snowfall in Pittsburgh?

Yes, metal roofs are able to withstand heavy snowfall in Pittsburgh. They have a slippery surface that allows snow to slide off easily, preventing it from accumulating and causing damage to your roof.

Do metal roofs require special maintenance?

Metal roofs require minimal maintenance. You may need to clean them occasionally to remove debris or dirt buildup, but they do not require regular repairs or treatments like other roofing materials. However, it is important to have them inspected by a professional roofer at least once a year to ensure they are in good condition.

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